Celebrating Women at Adarma on International Women’s Day

Today marks the 46th annual International Women’s Day since its creation by the United Nations in 1975. In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 8th as a day for women’s rights and world peace, globally.

As I sat to write this post I reflected on how much has changed since then, but particularly in the last year and how the Pandemic has affected us in our daily lives and, in turn, our professional ones too. Not least because they’ve blurred into one. Little did we all know this time last year what we were staring down. So much has changed, but I am ever hopeful that it will further spur progress and allow us to reimagine better.

The last week marked the start of the next chapter in my career as I joined the team here at Adarma. Adarma is on a mission to help customers to build cyber resilient organisations that effectively mitigate risk and withstand today’s complex threat landscape. I’ll defer to a quote from our Chief Executive Officer, John Maynard, here: “We are on a mission to help organisations with threat management. This means being able to identify, protect, withstand and recover from threats on a continuous basis as part of an overall cyber resiliency strategy – Adarma helps organisations do this throughout the threat lifecycle.”

They’ve seen phenomenal growth, built an impressive customer base and developed a fabulous relationship as a Trusted Security Advisor to organisations including those in FTSE 350. But aside from all this commercial prowess there was one over-riding attribute that made me want to join Adarma – the people & the culture. Culture does indeed eat strategy for breakfast, as the famous quote from Peter Drucker states.

In the short time that I have been at Adarma, I’ve met some incredibly supportive, collaborative and smart individuals and groups of people from diverse backgrounds across all genders, creed, race and affiliations but they all have one very similar attribute – they all believe in the mission and want to work hard to help our customers navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and here at Adarma we make sure that this isn’t just another day or another hashtag. We work collaboratively every day to support and encourage women in the tech industry and find new and exciting ways to help them reach their full potential (all while helping them smash any glass ceilings they may see above them!) We Choose to Challenge every day.

When only 3% of women in the UK say a career in technology is their first choice, Adarma strive to ensure that women know there is a place for them here and make them feel welcome. There are active employee groups, including the thriving Women in Technology group and the Celebrating the Women of Adarma group and communities of supportive people driving diversity and inclusivity into the mix of what we do and who we are. I’ve only just scratched the surface but I’m really looking forward to learning more. And the good news is we are hiring for many amazing women (and men!) to join us and help us further.

I think it’s safe to say my first week at Adarma has definitely proven how welcoming a culture it is and how supportive and encouraging the business is of women pursuing a rich career in tech.

If you want to join us on this incredible adventure, we are growing and scaling fast. Contact careers@adarma.com for more information.