Managed Security Service

Ever-changing threat landscape… evolving threats … relentless adversaries… increasing risk. You get the message. That’s why you’re looking for a partner who understands the dangers to help defend your business and manage that risk. Adarma operate as a true, trusted security partner. That means we won’t lock everything we do inside a black box - everything we do is fully visible. Totally transparent. Entirely accountable.

There’s auditable, evidential, meaningful data for every single piece of information we generate. All our pricing is clear and upfront– there are no hidden costs. And all our solutions are tailored to you as an individual partner.

We don’t just ask you to trust us with your defence – we demonstrate 24/7 why you should. We focus on outcomes, aligned to four defensive principles. By following these principles we become focused on the only thing that matters in security - protecting your business mission.

The Adarma Managed Security Service

All Adarma Managed Security Services are delivered from our 24/7 ISO 27001 accredited, Security Operations Centre (SOC). The service is cloud-based, underpinned by Splunk Cloud in a dedicated AWS instance. This gives High Availability Business Continuity options, EU or UK data centres, and guaranteed Service SLAs, all operated by Adarma analysts – cyber security professionals with combined decades of experience in SOC management and operations.

Why Adarma

  1. Continual improvement of rules and rulesets as new threats are identified generally and per customer.
  2. Complete visibility of incident handling workflow tools and the actions we take on your behalf
  3. Flexible engagement models and service levels give you the service you want, not one we impose.
  4. We partner with best of breed solutions to deliver world class services, delivering rapid value through the service we implement and deliver.
  5. Our innovative interrogation capability lets us quickly manage and tune use cases, reducing your time to value.

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