Countermeasures Management Platform Datasheet

Trustworthy threat intelligence is vital to your cyber defence. What new threats are trending? Are older threats re-emerging with new dangers? What can you use to determine if you’re at risk of compromise?

Failing to keep your intelligence up-to-date increases your risk by increasing the chances an attacker will slip unrecognised past your security measures, but effective defence doesn’t rely on threat intelligence alone.

To shut down threats as quickly as possible before damage is done needs the ability to understand like the enemy: to think like an attacker, to anticipate what they’re doing right now and predict the steps they’ll take next.

The Adarma CMMP identifies, models, and prioritises the stages of potential compromises in a standards-based, intelligence-driven way, giving you rapid warning of actual and potential attacks - and the recommended actions to effectively prevent or remediate them.

The Adarma Countermeasures Management Platform

The Adarma Countermeasures Management Platform (CMMP) is a proprietary platform for countermeasure design and deployment. It’s a library of potential attack patterns, modelling each step from reconnaissance to final compromise – and providing the rules for your SIEM to detect them.

Why Adarma

Full transparency. True collaboration.

We don’t just ask you to trust us with your defence: we demonstrate 24/7 why you can.

Everything we do is fully visible. Totally transparent. Entirely accountable.  There’s auditable, evidential, meaningful data for every piece of information our analysts generate.

In addition, you can expect cross-industry experience, organisational agility, flexibility and passionate expertise from your Adarma team.


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