Cyber Security Assessment

The dynamic threat landscape makes effectively assessing, evaluating and forecasting your cyber security posture difficult. What works today may be inadequate tomorrow. It’s not always clear where cyber security efforts should be focussed – best-fit for one organisation is not a guarantor of success in yours.

The Adarma Cyber Security Assessment can help. It gives you a concise understanding of your current cyber security posture, building a strong foundation for identifying and prioritising security improvements.

The Adarma Cyber Security Assessment

The Adarma Cyber Security Assessment is an efficient means of determining where to focus future cyber risk management activities within your organisation in a clearly articulated way.

It will report your current cyber security posture, highlighting top priorities and recommending methods to remediate them. The closure workshop communicates the impact of the findings, generating deep delving discussions.

Why Adarma

Founded and run by experienced senior security leaders, we know security and how to deliver real value in the real world.

Our teams are a diverse group of customer facing technical experts and business-facing consultants, all with the same objective and united by the same goal: to help our clients prepare for attack and stand side-by-side with them when it happens.

We have the experience, proven track record, and recognition as industry specialists to ensure the solutions we recommend address your needs.


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