Managed EDR Service

It’s not just malware anymore. Determined threat actors and APTs are sophisticated and resourceful in their efforts to evade and breach your cyber security defences – and then stay there.

Credential theft, system, software and hardware exploits, all combined into malicious toolsets that leverage the shells, command lines, and applications that are fundamental parts of the operating systems of your assets. Malware, ransomware, on disk, on memory…the list goes on.

The proliferation of endpoint threats across your security landscape only increases the risks to which your infrastructure is exposed.

Risks that you need to control in a way that’s reliable and effective, driven by intelligence and expertise – and without the burden of managing the complex systems needed to deliver that control.

Adarma can help.

The Adarma Managed EDR Service

Combining our analysts’ expertise with Falcon Crowdstrike’s best features, we provide you a rapid and accurate alerting of endpoint threats.

Our service identifies, contextualises, and tracks vulnerabilities across the endpoints in your estate to give you the confidence to make the decisions that keep your risks under control.

Why Adarma

  1. We’ve got the expertise you need to successfully build and integrate end-to-end solutions and deliver value to your organisation.
  2. We understand the design and purpose of the platforms Crowdstrike monitors and integrates with – we speak your SMEs language because we’re natives.
  3. We partner with best-of-breed solutions to deliver world class services.
  4. We deliver value through the service we implement and deliver.



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