Sentinel Engineering Datasheet

The cloud-native SIEM solution from a major cloud provider, Microsoft Azure Sentinel is making strong inroads into the SIEM space, particularly in organisations making use of Microsoft threat protection technology or the Azure platform itself.

And it’s not confined to Azure: Sentinel integrates with other cloud services, applications, services, devices and users under a variety of operating models. And of course, it offers all the advantages of a cloud service –cost, flexibility, billing, availability, ease of scaling, and more.

As always, turning potential value into measurable results can be a challenge. Find out how Adarma Sentinel Engineering can help meet that challenge.

Adarma Sentinel Engineering

Adarma Azure Sentinel Engineering is a fixed time, price, and outcome implementation of Azure Sentinel service covering a single tenant and integration with Microsoft Office365 and other supported data sources.

Throughout the engineering process, our experienced SIEM engineers will work collaboratively with your teams to design and implement based on best practice and in line with your change control processes to protect your operational environments.

Why Adarma

Full transparency. True collaboration.

We don’t just ask you to trust us with your defence: we demonstrate 24/7 why you can.

Everything we do is fully visible. Totally transparent. Entirely accountable.  There’s auditable, evidential, meaningful data for every piece of information our analysts generate.

In addition, you can expect cross-industry experience, organisational agility, flexibility and passionate expertise from your Adarma team.


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