Security Orchestration Automation and Response Datasheet

SOC analysts spend a lot of time on high effort tasks that can be perceived as low on returned value. Running queries on potential Indicators of Compromise (IOC) across multiple enrichment services to provide context is vital in ensuring false positives are closed down and true threats identified.

The time taken in assessing, correlating, analysing and reporting information across multiple platforms and services, is time taken from identifying and neutralising the genuine threats.

Increasing analyst numbers in the SOC to cope isn’t a realistic way to sustain operational efficiency: the numbers literally don’t add up. But doing nothing to address the challenges of scale puts a managed service in the position of having to do more with less. And the only thing that increases is risk.

At Adarma, when we identify risk for our customers, we act. We took a new approach.

Adarma SOAR

Using SOAR capabilities and Adarma engineering, we’ve delivered SOC performance efficiencies of up to 40% and beyond Achieving this kind of result is not quite as simple “use case=process”. Poor modelling can drastically undermine SOAR’s effectiveness – and value to you.

At Adarma, we have decades of combined experience in modelling, designing, managing, and implementing the processes that make up a SOC.

And we’re here to help.

Why Adarma

Full transparency. True collaboration.

We don’t just ask you to trust us with your defence: we demonstrate 24/7 why you can.

Everything we do is fully visible. Totally transparent. Entirely accountable.  There’s auditable, evidential, meaningful data for every piece of information our analysts generate.

In addition, you can expect cross-industry experience, organisational agility, flexibility and passionate expertise from your Adarma team.


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