Vulnerability Management Engineering

Vulnerabilities classified as Critical by CVSS are rapidly increasing year-on-year – and at the same time, increasing use of elastic assets like virtual machines and cloud assets mean organisational attack surfaces are expanding. Deciding where to put your focus in prioritising risk is almost overwhelmingly complex. Spoiler: it’s not going to get any easier.’s cloud-based Vulnerability Management can help. It’s flexible, scalable, and accurate – and because it’s SaaS, you’ll get an initial assessment within minutes. It rapidly prioritises vulnerabilities to let you begin risk reduction right away
without imposing hardware or maintenance burdens on your IT team.

Adarma’s engineers are skilled cyber security professionals, combining wide- ranging industry knowledge in vulnerability management with proven expertise in

Adarma VM Engineering (

  • Qualified, experienced engineers with a background in cyber security, specialised in We’ll always ensure that the ask meets the need – security is who we are.
  • Experienced in all aspects of installation, on-boarding, and configuration. We make the most of’s capabilities as a tool in your security arsenal. Everything we do is aligned to standards and best practice.
  • Immersed in the wider threat landscape – we know threats proliferate rapidly and unpredictably. Staying aware of the big picture helps us help you target and prioritise the most critical vulnerabilities.

Why Adarma

Full transparency. True collaboration.

We don’t just ask you to trust us with your defence: we demonstrate 24/7 why you can.

Everything we do is fully visible. Totally transparent. Entirely accountable.  There’s auditable, evidential, meaningful data for every piece of information our analysts generate.

In addition, you can expect cross-industry experience, organisational agility, flexibility and passionate expertise from your Adarma team.


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