Convergence and consolidation for cyber and financial crime; a panacea worth chasing?

23 June 2021, digital C-Level roundtable discussion with cheese and wine.

Financial services firms have to fight cyber threats and financial crime on multiple fronts. On a daily basis, they face direct cyber-attacks on their systems, infrastructure and data. And they also face a rising tide of financial crime, including online fraud.

But dealing with financial crime and cybersecurity are typically separate functions, with their own teams, systems, and processes. In today’s climate, and with the lines blurring , does that separation reduce, or add to, risk within financial services? FSI firms need to act both to protect their customers, to build resilience, and meet regulatory requirements.

Criminals don’t operate in silos. Nor should the defenders. In this session, we will ask whether integration is a panacea or whether, by taking an integrated view of cyber and financial crime, FS&I firms will become stronger, more resilient, and more trusted.



John Maynard, CEO at Adarma

Duncan Ash, Area Vice President, Global Financial Services at Splunk


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