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Webinar: Making detection and response a business priority

The cyber breach podcast series – how to minimise the impact with SC Media

01 July 2021, 11am - Webinar 1 -Making detection and response a business priority

Following a year of widespread disruption, boards are balancing competing priorities as they help their organisations navigate this era of accelerated change. In addition to managing the operational disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, they must respond to emerging economic, social, regulatory and technological trends while reacting to ever-growing investor and stakeholder demands.

Security operations should not be a siloed function. The consequences of a breach can cause tremendous business interruption, reputational damage, fines, loss of customer loyalty etc. Key decisions affecting organisational resilience should be viewed in a business context and driven from board level. In addition, This business level view of threat management will be crucial to communicating value and justifying budget.

During this session we will explore:

  • Cybersecurity prioritisation - how to communicate in a way that resonates on a business level

  • Using tangible business outcomes, demonstrating potential losses and using absolute business terms and quantifiable metrics

  • How to demonstrate that cyber resilience processes and the ability to remain operational in the event of a cyber breach will require the entire organisation’s support and awareness.


Cheryl Martin, Head of Security Consulting at Adarma

Joel Barnes, EMEA SE Director at Tenable

Stefano Lamonato, EMEA Solutions Architect Manager at CrowdStrike

Johan Bjerke, Principal Security Strategist at Splunk

Ste Watts, Head of Security Operations, COO, Aldermore Bank

Host: Kathryn Cave, Associate editor, SC Media


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