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The Cyber Breach Series: How to Minimise the Impact

Welcome the cyber breach series – how to minimise the impact,  with SC Media sponsored by Adarma partners CrowdStrike, Splunk and Tenable .

Opportunistic attacks against organisations of all sizes are now a valid business model for adversaries. Ransomware-as-a-Service demonstrates that even individuals can now act at scale: it’s not just the biggest names in the crosshairs.

Sophisticated cyber threats are targeting a broader cross-section of organisations. Inadequate security practices, poor cyber hygiene and low cyber maturity in some organisations are resulting in increasingly negative consequences for revenue streams and profitability.

In addition, cloud adoption is creating a new threat surface to manage, challenging budgets and inhouse skillsets. Key metrics for SOCs are their coverage and alignment to the organisation’s dynamic threat landscape.

Ongoing headlines show that protective controls don’t offer guaranteed safety against cyber threats; and when protection fails, damage is measured by time taken to detect and contain. The longer your exposure, the greater the incident impact.

How do we stay safe, functional, and resilient when we’re breached – how do we get advance warning, and how do we shut it down as quickly as possible​​?

This series explores the challenges, looks at first hand experiences and offers actionable recommendations to help you secure your organisation through effective detection and response.




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