Cloud Security and Transformation

Leaving behind the legacy of on-premises and datacentre-driven computing brings unparalleled flexibility to businesses. Adarma can help you realise that advantage.


The cloud paradigm brings a host of new opportunities. Lowered cost of ownership. Reduced IT management burden. Rapid and flexible responses, prototype development velocity, scaling to meet customer demand – and that’s just the beginning.


But cloud transformation can bring new problems. Applying security controls to cloud environments – often multiple environments – are not necessarily consistent with those for traditional on-premises environments.


How can data be made visible, monitored, and protected? What does identity management and access control look like? How can you effectively identify – and manage! – new risks along with the old?


Adarma cloud security and transformation solutions can help realise the benefit of cloud service adoption, while identifying and mitigating security and compliance risk.

How Adarma Cloud and Transformation Services Can Help You

  • We accelerate your secure transformation to cloud services to provide a platform for innovation and growth.
  • We emphasise business drivers, like increased agility through cloud adoption. We don’t focus on individual technology benefits. Adarma works to enable achievement of your organisational aspirations.
  • We integrate security considerations into software delivery processes from the outset – getting you where you need to be rapidly, effectively, and securely.

DevOps and the challenge of access control.

Applying appropriate access control presents a challenge that must be met to safeguard data and intellectual property from theft or misuse – and meet regularity compliance.

And as DevOps teams continuously build, release, and manage software faster and more frequency, security teams must find a way to integrate into the software development cycle to effectively manage and reduce risk.

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Wherever your journey takes you, Adarma can help you get there.

Whether your Cloud Security and Transformation journey is just beginning or you’re looking to reach the next milestone, Adarma can offer the practical advice and support you need to succeed.

Our consulting services can assess your current position, identifying gaps and highlighting strengths. Then we provide actionable advice to let you meet your challenges.

Backed by our wider consulting practices, we draw on expertise from domains across the cyber security field. We enable and enact business transformation to ensure solutions are meaningful and effective.

Our award-winning managed services has years of expertise and experience designing, building, and operating services. We put that excellence at your disposal.

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Complementary Products


Threat Monitoring, Detection and Response

Designed, built, and refined by industry experts to minimise your effort and maximise operational effectiveness.

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Security Information and Event Management

We offer the skills and expertise to maximise the value of your SIEM investment through effective strategy, assessment, design and implementation.

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Cyber and Physical Security Monitoring

Our cyber and physical security monitoring helps you to identify, record and respond to all incidents as they occur.

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Cyber threats

Cyber Threat Hunting

Our Cyber Threat Hunting service finds and reports attacks that may have been missed by existing data exfiltration detective controls.

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