Risk & Response

Your chances of being hit by a cyber attack are pretty high. From breached networks and stolen credit card data to phishing attacks on members of staff, it pays to be prepared for a broad range of cyber incidents.

Most organisations have an Incident Response Plan in place, but these often focus on short-term responses and tactical fixes to IT issues. All aspects of a cyber incident need managing to keep them from reaching crisis proportions.

To reduce the number and impact of incidents requires a holistic approach to cyber incidents, identifying the root cause, and rapidly making changes that prevent future occurrences.

Start by using a GRC platform that combines security, IT and risk capabilities in an integrated risk program. This lets you manage your risk through continuous monitoring, prioritisation, and automation, resulting in rapid identification and treatment of risks.

Adarma has you covered. See how we can help with your risk and response requirements.

Why Adarma?

We have years of experience in helping customers adopt an integrated and holistic approach to risk and response. Our services help you manage the impact of cyber security incidents, including co-ordination of any remediation and clear-up activities required. This includes incident investigation, prioritisation, mitigation and prevention recommendations.

Services to help customers evolve the configurations of their GRC tools and
update their GRC platforms as requirements & software change. Our GRC
services include:

  • GRC Assessment and Direction
  • GRC Architect & Design
  • GRC Build
  • GRC Configure / Update

Implementation, integration, and configuration of your ServiceNow Security Operations as well as team training, and advise on next steps. Identification and delivery of the enhancements you need to take you to the next level.