SOC Services

Increased efficiency and optimised resources are undoubtedly key drivers for businesses considering a Security Operations Centre. These factors inevitably lead to improved security incident detection and management, as well as increased business resiliency against existing or new threats.

However, building and running a SOC in-house is not without its challenges.

  • Skills Gaps – SOCs are facing a severe and widening skills gap aligned with the challenges of ensuring the continued recruitment, training and retaining of cyber resources
  • Stretched Resources – Constraints on both the availability and bandwidth of well-trained SOC analysts mean that SOCs are increasingly burdened
  • Data Overload – Sheer volumes of event data causing analyst fatigue and challenges identifying genuine security incidents and threats
  • Limited Orchestration & Automation – Lack of orchestration/automation, integrated toolsets and processes/playbooks
  • Outdated Policies and Processes – SOC and incident response (IR) metrics are outdated and no longer effective
  • Limited Threat Hunting Capability – Lack of capable, dedicated and trained threat-hunting teams
  • Why Adarma

    Our SOC services have been designed with our customers in mind. We do not follow the traditional service provider approach.

    TRANSPARENCY - our logic in your SIEM, everything visible, pricing based on ticket numbers and no hidden costs.

    FLEXIBILITY - multiple engagement models, full outsource, our people your premises, integrated hybrid model where your team and ours become one.

    CONTEXTUAL AWARENESS – Analysts working on very few client accounts, building understanding of your organisation and its people / processes.

    CONSTANT EVOLUTION – Built in time for development of new rules, onboarding of new data sources and proactive threat hunting.

    Adarma Capacity Model

    Our Capacity Model is flexible and effective. See a reduction in false positives and badly tuned rules with the capacity to add new use cases or threat hunts. Around 30% of our threat hunts turn into incidents or new use cases. We add around 10% more log and use cases monthly, totally free. We never charge our first-year customers for adding routine functionality. That’s on us.

    Delivered out of our secure ISO27001 accredited facilities, our SOC-as-a-service offering provides quick and pain-free access to all of the necessary tools, skills and processes to allow our customers to rest easy knowing that a team of trained experts is keeping them safe.
    Our customers benefit from:

  • Complete visibility of threats across their entire monitored domain, highlighted from the background noise of all of their event data. Every event is handled, nothing is ignored.
  • A day one configuration, balancing our industry expertise with a flexible approach focusing on clients key risks
  • Consistent, high quality, context-aware and iterative response processes ensuring threats are identified and addressed in a timely manner
  • A flexible service using what we call our “capacity” model, where Monitoring & Detection is included with Incident Support, New custom Use Case development, and Threat Hunting
  • Compliance with security standards like ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and PCI-DSS
  • Effective SOC management relies on a combination state-of-the-art technology, skilled personnel and effective processes.

    With limited SOC analysts available due to the industry skills shortage, and an escalating number of security alerts across numerous security tools, an increasing number of businesses are struggling to resource and run their in-house Security Operations Centre.

    Adarma provide the capability to run a SOC on our customer’s behalf, with the ability to respond to both cyber & physical attacks.

    We can deliver this as a dedicated function embedded within your business, utilising your existing tools and working as an extension to your in-house team.

    We provide a range of technical delivery resources, from Analysts to Managing Consultants, and work with our customers to develop SOC process aligned to your specific requirements and use cases.

    Protecting your business against the backdrop of a dynamic threat landscape and changing regulatory requirements demands a bespoke and flexible proactive monitoring capability to continually assess your security risk.

    Our SOC toolkit, informed by years of designing and building in-house SOCs, arms us with the ability to offer a complete range of SOC consultancy services, which we can deliver in a consistent and streamlined manner aligned to your business requirements. Our proven methodology means you gain value from your investment quickly whilst also meeting your governance and compliance requirements.

    Our SOC Consultancy services include:

    1. Assessment and Direction – to understand where the customer is today, and what they aim to achieve
    2. Strategy – to help customers develop a strategic plan to achieve their aims.
    3. Architecture and Design – to help customers architect the tools and design the processes to support their strategic plan along with the people considerations.
    4. Implement and Enhance – to implement the technologies and processes required to build an effective SOC.
    5. Operate and Manage – to develop an operating model and ongoing support and management capability.