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Making effective security decisions needs effective context and intelligence about the operating environment. Adarma can help.
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Without articulating what you’re defending – and why – it’s impossible to know what threatens the components of the business mission. Without that key information, you can’t plan and execute an effective defensive strategy.


What services, processes, and assets are most critical to supporting the business mission? What is the shape of the threat landscape? Which adversaries are motivated and capable of threatening the organisation? What do they want?


Adarma can help provide the organisational intelligence you need to answer these questions  to reduce risk, control threats, and enhance your defensive strategy.

How Adarma Threat Control & Organisational Intelligence Services Can Help You

  • Adarma has decades of success  designing, building, and operating Security Operation Centres – as well as consulting engagements. We support you in providing information, guidance, and expertise around threat and vulnerability so that your data is an actionable asset – not a burden.
  • Adarma understands how to navigate threat landscapes – and can help you understand your operating environment. We can advise on making effective use of gathered intelligence to support your cyber risk decisions, from guidance on building an intelligence service to operating it on your behalf.
  • Complementing intelligence, vulnerability management is key to minimising your exposure to cyber threats.  Adarma understands how adversaries conduct their operations, and can support you in obtaining a current, accurate, and prioritised view of vulnerabilities across the business estate, enhancing or operating your vulnerability management service.

Wherever your journey takes you. Adarma can help you get there.

Whether your Threat Control and Operational Intelligence journey is just beginning or you’re looking to reach the next milestone, Adarma can offer the practical advice and support you need to succeed.

Our consulting services can assess your current position, identifying gaps and highlighting strengths. Then we provide actionable advice to let you meet your challenges.

Backed by our wider consulting practices, we draw on expertise from domains across the cyber security field. We enable and enact business transformation to ensure solutions are meaningful and effective.

Our award-winning managed services has years of expertise and excellence designing, building, and operating services. We put that excellence at your disposal.

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