Threat and Risk Assessment

Struggling to understand cyber risk means struggling to effectively defend your assets. Adarma can help increase cyber risk understanding – and boost your cyber security defence.


Assessing risk is a crucial part of everyday life. Every action we take, personally or professionally,  is analysed. What are the the potential benefits? What are the risks involved? How much risk is too much, and can we safely minimise it? In cyber security, the same process applies. When organisations in sectors such as energy, healthcare, banking, insurance, retail, etc., need to adopt a new technology, assessing the associated risks prior to adoption is vital to safely managing it.


As threat actors across your infrastructure increase in complexity and numbers – from highly sophisticated and resource-rich state sponsored cyber criminals, to the lone hacker accidentally breaching your systems – knowing who the threats are, how they operate, and how to detect compromise in your systems is the first step in recognising and understand the risks to your organisation.

How Adarma Threat and Risk Assessment Services Can Help You

  • Adarma’s Threat & Risk Assessment practice enables you  to access security professionals skilled in the art of threat modelling, threat simulation and a variety of risk assessment approaches, covering cyber maturity, risk & breach simulation.
  • Our consultants work alongside you to understand your needs, tailoring the requirements to deliver the right business outcome.  Gaining a greater understanding of the specific threats you may be facing, what actions you need to take to mitigate those threats, and more.
  • Adarma offers a number of risk related assessments which are mapped against the NIST framework to provide rapid, meaningful results – ideal tools to  support you in your drive to improve cyber maturity across the organisation.

Box ticking? No – it’s vital to organisational security.

Understanding change and ensuring that the organisation stays within risk appetite is a daunting task.

Risk assessments are frequently seen as “box-checking” exercises.   Too often cyber risk assessments don’t answer the one question that matters – “are we defensible against the threats we face?”

Establishing an understanding of the threat landscape for your business or sector is a critical first step to addressing and improving your cyber maturity.

The key themes we see are emerging threats, organisational transformation, IT change, supply-chain relationships and technical debt.

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Wherever your journey takes you, Adarma can help you get there.

Whether your Threat and Risk Assessment journey is just beginning or you’re looking to reach the next milestone, Adarma can offer the practical advice and support you need to succeed.

Our consulting services can assess your current position, identifying gaps and highlighting strengths, providing actionable advice to meet your challenges.

Backed by our wider consulting practices, we draw on expertise from domains across the cyber security field to help enable and enact business transformation to ensure solutions are meaningful and effective.

And our award-winning managed services can bring their years of experience and expertise in designing, building, and operating services to work for your success.

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