1e Tachyon

Endpoint Detection and Response platforms provide organisations with the capability to rapidly interrogate and control endpoints to protect them against an evolving threat environment.

EDR technologies like Tachyon provide the tools to allow security teams to investigate security threats by creating a framework to quickly and easily interrogate the status of endpoints, as part of a specific investigation or more general threat hunting.

Tachyon also provides a platform for a range of flexible and automated response capabilities, giving security teams the power to create and deploy defensive strategies as threats emerge.


Tachyon provides a modern architecture capable of reaching any endpoint across today’s broad range of connectivity scenarios.

Because of the way it’s architected, we have found Tachyon to have a significant scaling and efficiency advantage over many of its competitors. In scenarios where you can’t wait 30 minutes to get protection in place, or to find out if machines are vulnerable, security depends on the kind of speed and performance Tachyon delivers.

Tachyon is an easily extensible platform using a RESTful API which allows other members of the Adarma technology ecosystem like Splunk and ServiceNow to be easily integrated with Tachyon.