Critical security incidents are rarely represented by a single event from a single system. More often than not they are indicated by patterns of events across multiple systems, and across an extended period of time. SIEM Platforms help organisations collect and correlate events into a single platform for review and analysis.

Using a SIEM platform enables quicker detection of threats by centrally analysing diverse log data from many systems using data analytics.

A centralised view of all events streamlines investigatory activity, putting the most relevant information immediately in the hands of analysts.

Splunk Phantom is Splunk’s SOAR solution. It enables you to execute actions in seconds, not hours, by harnessing the full power of your existing security investments with security orchestration, automation, and response.


Splunk provides an Open Development Platform, making it easy to extend functionality to meet the needs of any project.Organisations can also tap into Splunkbase’s Apps and Add-ons, allowing them quickly and easily add to the capabilities of Splunk using Vendor, partner and community-built apps. Adarma is a regular contributor to Splunkbase, and has created, amongst other things, an integration between Splunk and Virustotal.